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Conservation Services

Conservation staff are responsible for the care, cleaning and treatment of objects in museum collections and exhibitions.

With several laboratories providing comprehensive conservation services for the Museum of New Mexico System, Historic Sites and the Office of Archaeological Studies, MNM Conservation is a leader in modern conservation practice in the state. With five full time conservators, specialties include objects, textiles and scientific examination.

With microscopy, ultraviolet, infrared and X-ray photography, or instruments like FTIR, XRF, multi spectral imaging or HPLC, conservators can investigate cultural and artistic material and can determine the best way to care for art and artifacts.

Through the combination of art history, fine art, chemistry, cultural appreciation, and forensic examination, conservators provide curators, researchers, Native Americans, the visiting public and more with the rich tableau that is New Mexican material history.

Questions? Please email: Bradford Epley, Head of Conservation or

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